If the air quality in your home is low, then it can have an effect on health as well as mood. It can occur due to number of reasons, such as, pollution from the outdoor, improper building material in addition to emissions from heating and any kind of appliance. This fall in air quality has direct links with asthma, fatigue and lung diseases. There are quite a few options for improving the quality of indoor air. The quickest ways for checking your home’s air quality is to use a home air quality testing kit. The kit is easily purchasable through Amazon. The IGERESS Indoor Air Quality Monitor Detector comes at an affordable price for just $109.99.

Kits to test air are improving by the day as they indicate the quality of air. Reports claim that the kit works 80-90% effectively. If you want tools & tricks for improving air quality at home there exist quite a few ways. You can also see site and I am sure you will love their resources.


Flowing of air is vital to maintain proper air quality. If you get air flowing through the house, it can reduce stagnant air while refreshing the interior. A simple option would be to just open the windows in the home for rejuvenating the quality of the air. However, if you happen to live in an overpopulated area, the exterior may not be pleasant. In fact, the air can be toxic in such an environment. What to do then? There is a simple solution to that as well, you may use trickle vents. The device allows air inside from the out to course in via a filter which will clean any impurity in the air. The vent may be attached to a pre-existing window or door frame.

Keeping the AC spot-free:

Having an AC at home is bound to refine the quality of air inside a house as it dries the air within the home out including a refreshment of polluted air. Nearly every air conditioner contains a kind of filter which cleanses the air as it removes the impurity. Just as any filter in a house, it is crucial to cleanse the filters on a regular basis in accordance with the instruction manual.

Keeping the sheets and clothes cleansed:

A very big reason for declining quality of air is a dust mite. A dust mite will irritate the nose and throat and leave you with a sense of tiredness. These pests will mostly stay in the fabric within the house, for example, bedding, cushion, and curtains. It is a must for you to cleanse the items on a regular basis with low allergenic washing soaps. You may have pets in the house, but keep in mind that they do not get up on your bed or sofa. It is quite an effective step in tools & tricks for improving air quality at home.

Beeswax candle as purifier:

These candles contain an air purifying attribute since the candle will incinerate and in process release the negative ions. Pollen, dust particles, and other pollutants hold in them a positive charge. Hence, the beeswax candle burns the negative ions that get freed into the open that causes the positively charged particles to be dragged into the candle. The air charging of these negative ions is the way the air purifier will work.

Salt lamp aids with asthma:

If you are not comfortable with an incinerated candle then you will be able to accomplish the same goal with a salt lamp. The lamp is made by inserting light sources inside a huge mass of Himalayan salt while emitting negative ions as they are lit. The negative ions can aid in fighting the positively charged particles and contaminant which causes allergy.

Having a completely natural home refurbishment:

The usual paint and carpet has gases which continue emitting after being installed which irritates allergy as well as lowering the quality of air. Should you look forward to refurbishing the house, making appropriate decision quickly ensures a safe home for the future. For that case, you may use any natural option that does not contain any of these harmful effects.

These are just some of the tools & tricks for improving air quality at home which come at a cheap price. To do that check the official website for south melbourne mortgage broker.

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