While Brexit has caused scepticism among investors, property owners in the British real estate market have little reason to panic. The dire predictions that initially followed Brexit have not played out and outside of London, property values have become stable in some markets. While there continue to be some depressed markets in London, owners who select the correct real estate agent can minimize the losses of value in closing deals when they choose to liquidate their properties.

Jeremy James and company, with agents who specialize in property rental in Central London Marylebone area, has the experience you need to ensure that you continue receiving the top value from your investments. These agents work with both commercial and residential properties and are experts in the area with over 30 years of experience in selling, buying and negotiating leases for property. The agents want to put their experience to work so you get the best return on your investment.


There is a Silver Lining

While it is true that investors are finding Central London prices remain depressed after Brexit, that does not necessarily affect your properties. According to Property Wire, rents in Marylebone dropped almost 10 percent as of September 2016. While that figure sounds alarming, it is possible that it can work to the owner’s advantage. You can fill properties that have remained vacant by lowering their prices. In doing so, you may attract new tenants for both residential and commercial property rentals.

Prospective tenants are often hesitant to select a flat or office in the exclusive sections of central London. By lowering lettings, you can attract new tenants to your rentals. These tenants are going to love the location and remain in the property as the market rebounds. Our experience in the field allows us to find and attract people that would have hesitated in the past and encourage them to consider a Marylebone location. This allows you to fill your vacant properties, so you still receive an income instead of allowing them to remain vacant.

Change Your Focus

Another potential pool for renting your properties are the millennials. These tenants already believe buying is out of their range and see themselves as renters of their lifetime. You can market to this group and show them the advantages of living in Marylebone, enticing a new demographic into your properties so you continue to have tenants for years in the future.

How Our Company Can Help

Since1981, Jeremy James and Company has helped thousands of people sell, buy or let real estate. With this experience, we know how to survive the market’s downturn and turn them into advantages. We offer a large knowledge base of central London and help clients use proven techniques so they earn the best profits from their properties.

We begin by developing a solid marketing plan for your real estate by sending professional photographers to develop a portfolio. We add a detailed floor plan to the materials. We use electronic portals, including Lonres, Prime Location, Zoopla, and Right move as a part of a marketing strategy. We also make use of appropriate online and print publications.

However, marketing strategy alone does not rent your properties. You must offer the right price and negotiate leases properly. Jeremy James and company can serve as your negotiator in both aspects. For more information on maximizing profits from your rental properties, contact us today.

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